Welcome to the Home Page of Bacon Prison. We are a Non-Op, Classic Prison server, creating a prison server how they used to be, before sharpness 100 swords and efficiency 25 pickaxes. We believe in the community above all else, and are constantly adding player suggested features. The entire reason for this servers creation is that there were none like it. Connect Now with play.baconprison.com

Pretty much all interaction between the players and staff goes on in our Discord Server, as the chatroom nature suits our server better than strictly laid out forums. Rooms on the Discord include:
- Ban Appeals 
- Staff Applications 
- Suggestions 
- Bug reports
- A channel relaying in-game chat to Discord, allowing you to talk with online players through Discord
- General chat and discussion with other players.

It also includes pretty much all documentation about areas of the server.

If you want to talk old school, you can also Email the Owner using aaron@baconprison.com

There is a paid "Informant" rank available on our Buycraft page for just £5 (Around $6.50 USD depending on exchange rates). 
If you would like to support the server as well as gain some perks, this is a great opportunity to do so!
Just a Few Perks of the Informant rank include:
- A Custom Suffix on your name (/suffix)
- Custom Nickname with /nick
- 25K in game money
- /rename and /lore to customize your items
- A daily Kit with enchanted iron Armour and Tools
- Access to a special shop that buys ore for 50% more and sells unique Custom Tools and weapons
- A Range of immortal Pets to follow you around

To view the Full list of perks, visit the server Buycraft Page