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Server Build Log 10/8/2017

posted 10 Aug 2017, 14:10 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 10 Aug 2017, 14:12 ]
So, Today I set up all the ranks for guards and prisoners, and using this, I made the armoury, with rank controlled kit areas that only allow the correct ranked guard to collect their ranks armour. I also built the Infirmary (Spawn) and set up the cells. I've started off with 40 rentable cells, but I can always expand later. Pom made the jail cell for /jail, but unfortunately has also gone till the weekend, so just me and wish working on the server till then. I got the last few main plugins back in, including SimpleAlias, which I still have all my old aliases for. After a few extra tweaks of plugins and some modifications of the prison, Stone block is now 100% functional, with mines, cells, shops and ability to rank up to Coal (although there's no next block yet). 
The last thing I did for today was create a small semi-hidden entrance to the Blackmarket among the caverns of Stone Block, which I think is way more interesting than a simple sign in the elevator, and gives a sort of explanation as to why guards wouldn't know about the Blackmarket to shut it down. Tommorrow, I'll set up the Black market stalls as well as the Market area (maybe) and then move on to the next block. Hopefully I can make some heavy progress while Pom isn't on =).